van laar trumpets build kevin ray clark signature cornet!


i met hub van laar in new orleans through an introduction from trumpeter benjamin strickland.  benjamin was excited about van laar horns and had been telling me about them for years.  since 1987 i had been a yamaha artist and love their instruments!  ben asked how it might  be possible for me to entertain the idea of representing van laar.   i said "if hub van laar is interested in building a kevin ray clark signature model cornet i would be very interested in pursuing the idea!"  i knew renowned trumpeters chuck and bob finley were  instrumental in a trumpet design and arturo sandoval helped  with a flugelhorn model, so i knew hub would build  a world class cornet. hub is currently designing the cornet.  it is an american model without a shepherds crook.  460 bore.  the concept is to design a cornet flexible enough to handle the rigors of large ensemble playing but capable of functioning in a small group setting.  the best of both worlds. it has an american shank fitting to accommodate the classic cornet mouthpiece.  very exciting!  i will visit hub in holland in the new year and tweak the design after performing on it for several months previous.